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Avast Cleanup Premium Free License 2021 Valid For 1 Year

Hello, today we have our favorite Avast Cleanup Premium software to speed up, tune up, refresh, and repair your PC using Avast Cleanup's powerful and patented hack technology.

What slows down your computer?

The more programs you install and use, the slower your computer becomes, for a variety of reasons

startup items

Many programs run automatically when the computer is turned on, which significantly slows down its startup time.

Sleep mode acceleration

Our tuning process detects and stops performance drain for you, without the need to uninstall programs or interfere with your computer

Identifies bloatware and long-forgotten programs

Your computer might be slow due to programs you haven't used in a long time or didn't want to in the first place — trial versions, unwanted toolbars, or pre-installed software. This is a waste of space and speed, and may even be a security risk. Our new Clean Software feature gets rid of them once and for all.


Take the guesswork out of what software you no longer need with our cloud-based reputation and unnecessary software detection systems. If you are afraid to uninstall, we can temporarily put the files in quarantine until you decide.

Hard Disk Drive Maximum Boost

Defragmentation is a major factor in a computer's performance: it is the process of rearranging files on the hard disk for faster access. You'll enjoy faster startup times, lower loading, and faster overall performance.

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Update software automatically

Outdated software can leave your computer vulnerable to errors, crashes, and security risks. Our new automatic software updater regularly updates the programs that are most important to you.

The most comprehensive PC optimization and tuning toolkit ,Avast Cleanup includes everything you need to tune up your PC:

Sleep Mode: The patented tuning method puts all resource-draining apps into hibernation to make your PC look like new again.

Automatic maintenance: Cleans and tunes your PC regularly - without even moving your finger.

Disk Cleaner: Safely deletes leftover files from Windows and over 200 of the most popular PC programs.

Registry Cleaner: Removes hidden junk files from the Windows registry and fixes problems.

Browsers Cleaner: Removes residual browsing traces and cookies from 20+ browsers, including Avast Secure Browser, MS Edge, Opera and Yandex.

Automatic Updates: Find and install the latest updates for your most important apps - automatically.

Disk Defrag and Optimization: Restructures your hard disk for faster access to files.

Bloatware Removal: Detects and removes third-party experiences, ads, and toolbars you never wanted.

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