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Delete Windows 11 Viruses, Explain Norton Power Earser, remove malware and malicious programs

Delete Windows 11 Viruses

 Hello, with us today, the Norton Power Eraser program specialized in scanning, which can be an important matter for all users in the event that the protection program is not able to discover all the security vulnerabilities and threats faced by the operating system in which you are working,

The scanning program differs from the protection program on your device, such as the Norton Power Eraser tool, which scans the computer and removes Windows 11 viruses from their roots without leaving any traces.

Download a virus removal program from the computer despite the presence of a protection program, because you do not guarantee that the program you are working with is really capable of detecting vulnerabilities and various security threats, as well as whether it has a firewall to repel various types of attacks or not, and even if it is available, is it Update its database so that it can identify all malware and malicious software?

 Norton Power Eraser can be of great use in getting rid of any malicious software running in the background of the computer that the antivirus program did not have the ability to detect and delete from your system, Norton Power Eraser is developed by the global security company known as Norton, which It makes it one of the most important and best reliable applications that you can rely on to scan Windows and remove viruses from their roots, as well as get rid of untrusted software.

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Features of Norton Power Eraser

100% free and does not require any activation.

Available for all Windows operating systems, from Windows XP to Windows 11.

Supports a large number of languages, including Arabic.

Very fast scan of the entire computer or specific files.

Possibility to activate the scan during reboot.

User-friendly interface

Portable program and does not need to be installed.

Compatible with all security software.

Download and install Norton Power Eraser

After using the program and trying its different versions, we did not encounter any errors or problems, at least until the date of writing this article, and as we said, this application is supposed to help solve problems

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 After downloading it, double-click on it with the mouse and choose Start the scan, and the last thing will appear with you, choose the things you want to delete, and here you must make sure that you really want to get rid of those things because their name will be clear as well as the path in it as well, and last no It is necessary to restart the computer.





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