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Abelssoft GClean 2022 To Clean your computer and protect from tracking


Fast Abelssoft GClean 2022, GClean searches for current Google applications on the user's entire computer, then allows you to stop the transfer of all personal data with the click of a mouse.

Abelssoft GClean is a very innovative product, a truly visual software tool that can help you clear your browsing history, clear your download list, clear all cookies, clear your cache, clear your saved form information, and forget your saved passwords. In addition, G-Radar prevents future data collection attempts and alerts Google when it tries to store a new cookie.

Demolition of monuments

Find and destroy Flash cookies, form information, unwanted information, and browsing methods that Google collects on your computer. Many users no longer want to allow any kind of data to be transferred to third parties, GClean taps data from Abelssoft and provides flow. causing the data from his computer to giant data centers to dry up. GClean searches for available Google applications on your computer and allows you to turn off the transfer of personal data. These services include Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps and more. With Google Chrome alone, you can delete your browser history, reset the download list to zero, kill cookies, clear the cache, and forget saved passwords.

Automatic Monitor Feature

GClean's G-Radar runs blurry in the background and easily removes Google traces, cookies and junk from your computer on a regular basis.

Delete content from Google

With the new "Request to delete Google" feature, you can send a request to delete certain content. Take back your privacy. G-Radar prevents future eavesdropping events and gives an alarm as Google tries to release a new cookie. In addition, there is BrowserCheck, which checks whether the browser settings have been changed secretly after each review. GClean offers you the option to send a deletion request from the program to delete links from the affected Google index. However, this request will be considered by Google. The link will only be deleted if it touches on the character's public rights. GClean currently supports the following browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Apple Safari.

Turn off data leakage

It is very difficult to manually turn off a lot of unwanted data traffic. GClean stops Google from using unwanted information.

 If you're using free services like Google Search, Chrome Web Browser, YouTube Video Portal, Picasa Image Service, or 3D Globe Google Earth, you've found a part of yourself by using it. You pay using your own information. Many questions are rightly asked: How can I prevent the transmission of unwanted information? Free Services manage user profiles or use cookies. They collect different types of information and are then used, for example, to provide ads that are optimally tailored to the user. Thus, each of us pays for the use of Google services using our own data

Abelssoft GClean Free Download

Download the installer via the download link above. Run the exe file and enter your name / email.

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Abelssoft GClean Features

stops data traffic

delete traces of google apps

Check the automatic tracking program and auto-clean

Delete traces

Automatic Tracking Monitor

Delete unwanted content from Google search

Supported OS: Windows 10/8 / 8.1 / 7 / Vista, Windows XP

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Abelssoft GClean 2022





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