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hdcleaner Speed up your computer and delete temporary and redundant files from Windows 10/11


hdcleaner Speed up your computer

Hello, Explain the program hdcleaner to speed up the computer and delete temporary and redundant files from the computer, HDcleaner is a program to speed up the browser and delete redundant and temporary files, speeding up Windows 10 is among the important things that Windows users need, especially since this system with frequent use and use begins to occur in which a set of errors and problems that are difficult for users to solve in the classic way Therefore, you will need to download the free HDcleaner program, through its use, you can get high performance and efficiency for your computer and bypass some errors and problems with ease.

HDcleaner is one of the best and most powerful programs out there, especially since it will not cost you anything. All the available copies of this application are free and you do not need to purchase, unlike other prepaid programs such as Ccleaner, which you cannot use all the features that come with it by obtaining the copy full of them.

HDcleaner helps to speed up Windows 11 and all other old versions of Windows so that it is compatible with all of them. There is also a version for 32 and 64 systems together. You can choose from them what is suitable for your computers, and the other great feature within this program is to solve the problem of spasm The browser stops working suddenly from time to time, as HDcleaner can delete all browsing remnants, cookies, tracking and spying files, and other data that often have no benefit other than slowing down the browser and increasing its errors and problems.

It contains a set of different modes through which you can choose what is suitable for you, there is the default mode, which is the best and the surest that it contains the most important settings that you need, you will also find the first mode, which contains much less settings and no It is recommended to use it or work with it, and you will also find the advanced mode, which contains very many settings that will allow you to customize the system more and give you multiple options

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hdcleaner features

The application is 100% free and does not require any activation.

Safe and free from any harmful or unwanted software.

Available for all Windows 11 and 10 .... 32 and 64-bit systems.

Simple user interface and you do not need any prior experience to work with the program.

Very small space not exceeding 6 MB, you can download it in just a few seconds.

Portable version that you do not need to install on your computer.

Speed ​​up your computer by deleting redundant and temporary files.

Speed ​​up browsers and solve the problem of browser cramping and slow browsing of websites.

It does not drain system resources and works on all different types of devices.

It is very fast and you will not have any problems using it on your computer

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