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Sound Booster To increase computer volume


Hello, sometimes we want to raise the volume on our computer and we don't know the right way, and sometimes we watch series or movies on the Internet and the computer sound is a little low, we can do that easily with the small program Sound booster, it is considered

The best way to increase the volume level 5x times for your computer and laptop while maintaining the original sound quality on your device with ease.

We will get acquainted with the best way to raise the volume level 5x times for the computer and laptop while maintaining the original sound quality, as it is considered one of the most powerful and best programs to raise the volume

Sound Booster is one of the best free sound booster programs that can raise the sound of your device to a level of up to 500% of the original sound of the computer without affecting the sound.

The quality of the sound, the quality of the original sound or the occurrence of any kind of noise, we can do that easily with this small program whose size is only 6 megabytes, the program is completely safe and the user experience ..

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 Sound Booster supports the following operating systems Windows

 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP, 32 & 64 bit The program is very simple to use, all you have to do to use the program

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Download the Sound Booster program and install it in the normal classic way. It is preferable to restart the computer, and then you will find its icon next to the taskbar next to the clock, then click on it and raise the volume as you wish, and you can increase it up to 500%, i.e. x5 times the original sound of the computer, but it is preferable that You increase the volume to 200 or 300 only, in order to preserve the original sound quality for your device. Thus, you have increased the volume of your computer or laptop without any problems. It is very easy.

Copy the version.dll file included with the program and paste it in the program’s installation location

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