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IObit Protected Folder Pro 1.3 Free Download 2022

The IObit production province provides better security for files and folders on your own PC. It works with Windows and allows you to protect yourself against unauthorized access to your own photos, videos and files, you can only attract and submit the folders or files you want to hide or protect in a protected folder and do not may modify anyone, and the updates below make this backboard very strong.

As a powerful tool to protect against files, the protected folder can protect your files and important data from theft, loss or leaks. The protected folder targets people concerned with the safety of local files. It is important for people with a joint computer or sensitive data storage on their local computer.

A very effective tool for protecting files, folders, data and confidentiality of your device.

You can prevent the modification of your important files and data, because the protected folder will need, and to do this, you must define a password to lock the folders containing documents and secret data, then you will have more efficient protection For these files.

Protection and improvements in confidentiality, all those who wish to access your own files, the protected folder is able to protect access to your data and special files for Windows 10. The password is always required for all those who wish to access it, you are complete and protected safety.

Among the most important security threats to your important files and your own data are viruses, spy software and ransom programs, Wannacry's overall spread has led to blackmail user money by encrypting their files. The protected backrest engine has therefore been improved to keep the files closed and safe even if the computer is attacked.

Characteristics of the protected backrest

File protection tool, how to keep specific files only available to display non-modern, the protected folder will need, simply define a password to lock the files and important data, and you will easily get more efficient protection on your device.

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 Privacy protection, there are those who try to access your own files and staff, and your Windows 10 protected folder defends your data and files. It is always necessary to access the password, no matter who wishes to obtain protected personal information.

Files are safer viruses and data records, spy software programs and ransomware programs threaten the security of your data and important files, because Wannacry has greatly sang users by encrypting files. The improved protected backrest engine to allow it to continue locking the files even if the computer has a harmful attack.

The exclusion of the list should not be protected to add files to the list and avoid system error.

The file locking options are several options, hide the offer, prohibit access to files and adjust protection.

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