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Wise Hotkey Pro 1.2.8 Full Version Free Download


Hello, today we have Wise Hotkey Pro., a program to improve computer efficiency. Quickly start and switch any app, folder or website with keyboard shortcuts

Hotkey Launcher & Switcher for Windows Quick launch of any application, folder or website We usually run certain programs every time when we use the computer in our daily life and with Wise Hotkey you can launch these applications by keyboard shortcuts So as to save time. Users can not only add frequently used programs, but also folders or URLs.

 Custom keyboard shortcut Wise Hotkey allows users to customize their own hotkey. Users can create a shortcut key for applications according to their keyboard operating habits., and customize your own hotkeys by pressing a combination key to assign a hotkey according to your need. This great tool offers the ability to create two sets of keyboard shortcuts - nine with the [Ctrl] key and another nine with the [Alt] function key. You can not just list frequently used apps like Chrome, Edge and uninstaller, enter folders including Documents, Downloads, Control Panel and more or any of your favorite URLs

 You should switch to using keyboard shortcuts to make operations faster and save time. Wise Hotkey Pro is a simple app launcher and switcher for Windows that can help you quickly launch or switch any app, folder or website using keyboard shortcuts.

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 The download link for Wise Hotkey is at the bottom of the article. The download is an exclusive installer with built-in registration.

Download and install Wise Hotkey, there is no need to register it.

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Quick launch of programs, files, and websites

 Help users to launch applications/folders/websites by keyboard shortcuts to save time.

Quick switching while browsing.

With Wise Hotkey Pro, it allows you to set up keyboard-based shortcuts to switch to a specific application easily.

Customize shortcut

Your keyboard The next strong point of Wise Hotkey Pro is the ability to easily customize your hotkey.

 You can easily create custom shortcuts according to your keyboard operating habits

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